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Commercial Water Damage Cleaning Services

7/17/2022 (Permalink)


Your #1 Asset

Your business has been affected by flooding or water damage caused by a leak or sprinkler system going off, now what? 

As highly trained and highly rated professionals in the fire, water, and storm restoration business, our team at SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is here to help. Our crews are IICRC certified which ensures we meet the highest industry standards. This also means we know how to extract water to get your office back in working order. That doesn't mean just the carpet and walls, though, we clean most types of fabrics and surfaces, porous or otherwise. Read below for some of our cleaning services or check out our website for the full list.

We know time is of serious importance. Every day your office or business is closed and costs you more in the long run. We offer several services to minimize as much damage as possible and help you get your business's doors back open. Here are some of the services we provide to help get your business back to preloss condition.

Electronic Cleanup

Water-damaged electronics can present a severe hazard. Do not attempt to turn on or operate any electrical device that you suspect has been damaged by water. We will coordinate the restoration of your electronics, including:

  • Television sets
  • DVD players
  • Computers
  • And more

The key to restoring electronics is taking prompt action to prevent further damage. We start by cleaning the exterior of electronic devices to help stop further corrosion and damage. Electronics will be cleaned and inspected by a qualified electronics technician.

Document / Photograph Drying

When your valuable documents are damaged by water, extreme caution should be taken to help ensure the water damage does not destroy the document. Although some documents may not be restored to pre-water damage conditions, we can save a great deal and help minimize additional damage. 

Depending on the type of documents and the level of water damage, we have five options for the restoration of documents:

  • Air Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Freezer Drying
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying
  • Vacuum Thermal Drying

Contents Claim Inventory Service

Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) provides a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. We take a room-by-room inventory of your contents, including digital photos, and in some instances, barcoding. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service:

  • Pre-loss list and value of contents
  • A detailed and accurate report
  • Better information to settle claims quicker
  • Assistance with the burden of proof for claims
  • Peace of mind when you need it most

Commercial Property Water Loss and Extraction

Water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment. It can dissolve or weaken building materials, damage floors, and ceilings and cause microbial growth if you don’t fix water damage quickly and professionally.

The faster the water is extracted, the less damage to the building structure and contents.

The first thing to do if dealing with water damage at your place of business is to remove the water immediately. 

The faster the water is extracted, the less damage to the building structure and contents. In situations, this is not enough. Standing water from carpet, flooring, and walls can cause permanent damage if not taken care of promptly.

Extracting water in commercial buildings or properties is an essential part of any large water loss. Fire sprinklers, used to stop a fire from spreading, can leave you with wet and soggy office spaces. 

Water extraction is used to assist in the prevention of microbial growth from expanding and growing. Extraction of water is also needed to keep floors from buckling. The technicians will place the dehumidifiers and air movers in the critical areas of the building.

A SERVPRO manager will walk the property with the owner/manager and adjuster, explaining the process and answering any questions about removing property, items, and demo.

At SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville we are here for your water and fire needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (901) 755-3705. Helping to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Know What Steps to Take During A House Fire

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

Know What Steps to Take During A House Fire

United States fire departments respond to roughly 360,000 house fires per year, resulting in injuries and destruction to property. Using steps from our previous fire damage information will help prepare and prevent you and your family from a house fire. The American Red Cross recommends teaching your family two ways to escape, along with determining a safe meeting point outside the home. Once set in place, review the routes as well as a backup plan at least once a year.

If a fire does occur, the following guidelines could be helpful to remember and review:

  • Use a fire extinguisher. If the fire is small and you know how to use a fire extinguisher, put your skills to use. DO NOT pour water on a grease fire! Since water and oil don’t mix, when water is poured on a grease fire it sinks to the bottom of the pan and evaporates instantly, increasing the intensity of the heat and raising the flame.
  • Leave home. If you don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher or have no way of getting to it safely, leave your home immediately. There is always less time than you think to get out of a burning structure. Smoke is no joke.
  • Protect your hands and lungs. If a closed-door or its doorknob feels warm, leave it closed. And, if smoke fills the home, get low to the ground, and stay low until you are safely out of the building. Inhaling the smoke can cause people to become disoriented and render a person unconscious. Placing a shirt or rag over your nose and mouth will help to filter out combustion particles while you escape.
  • Stay out. Once you escape your home, do not attempt to re-enter. Going back inside only puts yourself and others in danger.
  • Call for help. When outside, immediately call 911. The fire department has the necessary gear and training to enter your home and rescue people or pets that may be stuck inside within minutes.

Have smoke or fire damage? Call SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville today!

SERVPRO Conducts Routine HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Inspecting Your HVAC Unit Can Save You Time and Money

HVAC repair is costly and if the damage is severe enough, it can prevent you from doing business. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville recommends that business owners schedule professional HVAC inspections each fall and spring. Routine inspections will help you stay abreast of potential problems with your unit, minimize expenses on repairs, and keep your business up and running. 

We have identified some simple maintenance chores that you can do to prolong your system's life and increase its efficiency between professional inspections and maintenance. 

Routine HVAC Maintenance 

  1. Get a high-efficiency, pleated air filter for your system.
  2. Keep your heating units and AC free of pollen, leaves, and grass.
  3. Keep two feet of space clear of your outdoor AC and heating units.
  4. Inspect refrigerant lines every month.
  5. Replace air filters at least every 90 days.
  6. In the summer, turn off the water running to the furnace humidifier.
  7. In the fall, replace the humidifier filter and turn the water back on.

Annual HVAC Maintenance

  • Replace the carbon monoxide detector battery. 
  • Make sure your outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground. 
  • Clean AC condensation with a bleach and water mixture. 

Caring for your HVAC throughout the year will keep your work environment air quality and atmosphere pleasant, which keeps your staff happy and content. It will save you money by improving and maintaining your energy efficiency throughout your building.

We are always ready to inspect and maintain your HVAC system. We're here to answer any questions you might have. Call us today at (901) 755-3705.

How to Protect My Business from Utility Room Fire or Electrical Fire?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

A business is affected in a uniquely difficult way when the business suffers fire damage. The damage leads to loss, but it destroys the infrastructure for recovering that loss. For example, when a restaurant’s utility room or electrical system catches fire and burns a facility, the income the owners could have made to pay for that loss is uprooted, having a chilling effect on a commercial property. 

This highlights the importance of buying the right insurance.

In an effort against fire loss, most buildings have measures to protect the property from utility room fire or electrical fire loss. A fire sprinkler system is one of the strategies that play an essential role in fire suppression

A Sprinkler System’s Job

This system has sensors that detect a change in room temperature. If the temperature reaches a critical level, the alarm turns on, the valves open, and water jets are sprinkled in the rooms. The fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against fire before the arrival of backup, like firefighters.

You’ll Need More Than a Sprinkler System

The fire sprinkler system alone may not curb utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak from spreading. If no secondary response team comes quickly to help the sprinkler system, the fire can easily consume the building. Calling 911 should be the first thing you do after exiting the building.

Did You Think About Water Damage?

After the fire, the reality of what transpired inside becomes clear. Apart from the fire damage, there is soot damage, water damage, and visible smoke damage. The fire hose pressure can destroy contents and walls, too.

This devastating scene can only be properly rectified by professionals who are familiar with commercial fire damage restoration.

Professionals Know What To Do

Hiring professionals for fire restoration gives peace of mind. Professional commercial fire damage services like SERVPRO® take a record of the items destroyed and remaining. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville repairs and cleans content that can be salvaged. They wrap and store those items and appropriately dispose of the rest. They also find out where data backups could be salvaged, such as the computer hard drives. 

The soot damage, water damage, and smoke damage are some of the things that must be cleaned fastest to restore the interior. Soot damage is cleaned using a dry brush. Water is drained and vacuumed from the rooms. This drying prevents mold from growing. The smoke is pulled from upholstery and other areas that could have absorbed odor. After the main cleaning is done and our construction team has rebuilt any remaining damage, items that underwent repair are brought back. 

We are Here to Help® when you need us. When fire and water take control of your life, we help you take it back.

What Is Cat 3 Water Loss? What About Cat 1 and Cat 2?

4/24/2022 (Permalink)


If you experienced a natural flood or sewage break at your home, you might have been told your property sustained Cat 3 (Category 3) water damage. So what is Cat 3 water damage? And what are the other 2?

Water Damage Categories

They are classified as follows:

  • Category 1 damage, also known as “white water” (clean water)
  • Category 2 damage, also known as “gray water” (clean water that sat for a while)
  • Category 3 damage, which is known as “black water” (usually from flood water)

Category 3 water is not only contaminated, but it can also cause damage to your home. Professionally trained technicians can, fortunately, help you clean and decontaminate the building and items after a Cat 3 water incident.

Cleaning Procedures

When facing water damage caused by a contaminated liquid, your safest plan usually involves contacting a local restoration company. Professionals are trained to arrive quickly, assess damage accurately, and work safely and efficiently to clean, restore and construct your property.

After the assessment, the following cleaning steps typically occur:

  1. Removal of water
  2. Humidity reduction and drying of wet surfaces
  3. Sanitation and cleaning of damaged areas
  4. Remediation of damaged property through deep cleaning and reconstruction

The professional you choose may also offer digitization services for wet financial documents or photographs that need to be preserved. Additionally, trained technicians on the scene may have suggestions for a preservation method or a long-term storage situation for items that are priceless and irreplaceable, yet not entirely salvageable.

Being Prepared

Help us help you persevere in the face of such a nightmare. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is a local professional in the cleaning, restoration, and construction industry. Our technicians follow OSHA and EPA protocols to help transform an unsafe environment back into a clean, safe home or business. For a free estimate, call us today.

Protect Your Home Against Wind Damage

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

a green truck graphic climbing up a scale graph with the words "we scale our resources" When storms hit anywhere in the United States, our SERVPRO team can scale our resources to handle even the largest storm or flooding disaster.

Wind Damage from Different Types of Storms

While thunderstorms are the most common source of wind and storm damage, winds from hurricanes or tornadoes are more severe and may be more costly. Still, thunderstorms are responsible for a lot of damage, such as lightning, hail, tornadoes, straight-line winds, and flooding. Either way, billions of dollars are spent on wind damage repair and storm damage restoration each year. While understanding the nature of wind damage can’t stop them from happening, it can help you limit the amount of damage to your property and save on restoration and repair costs.

What You Need to Know

Flying Debris is a Damage Risk

Flying debris can cause more damage than strong winds themselves. Damage can result from plants or other unsecured structures and objects. If a storm is approaching your area, make sure any potential debris in your homes such as patio furniture, toys, garbage cans are either secured or brought inside. Bonus tip: For severe weather, secure your doors and windows, too.

A Well-Designed Roofing System Does Wonders

Apply roof deck, shingles, or membrane over the decking. A well-designed roofing system will anchor the trusses and decking to the walls and foundation to keep the entire roof from lifting off the structure in a strong wind. Roofing material should latch to the deck.

The construction phase of building a structure is the most influential piece in reducing damage caused by storms. Loosely connected shingles will lift from the deck, so fasten that siding down. Building codes will likely direct the minimum standards for connections. You, your architect, or your contractor may decide to exceed these minimums for a stronger storm-resistant structure.

Monitor and Maintain Your Trees.

Falling trees and tree limbs are another significant type of damage to structures in a windstorm. Maintain your trees by removing dead limbs. In addition, remove the entire tree if it is dead. Healthy trees should have strong enough roots to withstand fairly strong winds, but dead trees will not.

Mitigating Damage After a Storm

What happens after the storm? 

First, close any openings as soon as possible. Roof openings and broken windows are the most common source of water damage in these situations. Keep a roll of plastic sheeting that cuts to size and nail it over the opening. Your insurance policy will likely cover the cost of an emergency close-up, if needed, so contact your agent or claims center to report the damage and seek advice on how to proceed.

If the damage is too much to handle on your own, contact a restoration professional as soon as you can to help limit and repair damage and respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions.

Faster Response

SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville specializes in storm and flood damage restoration. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can respond quickly to your area with the right resources. This is extremely important because a fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost. Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Resources to Scale Up for Large Disasters

When storms hit anywhere in the United States, our SERVPRO team can scale our resources to handle even the largest storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of over 1900 franchises across the country as well as our elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Why is the Roof Damage and What Can I Do?

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

Fires can do strange things to commercial buildings in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee. The flames may burn away parts of your walls and roofing. However, roof damage isn't always directly caused by fire. No matter the direct cause of the damage, you need to start the fire cleanup process as soon as possible. You can call in fire restoration experts to help you through the process. These individuals will know how to clean up damage caused by fire, smoke, and water.

Taking Care of Roof Damage After a Fire

When it comes to your roof, you may want to act quickly to ensure other parts of your commercial building are not negatively affected.

  • Cover holes: You can use tarps and boards to cover the holes in your roof and keep the elements out. Hiring a company that does tarp services makes this project easy.
  • Start repairs: Roof repair is a major part of a cleanup process. Get a contractor in as soon as possible to start looking at the damage and figuring out a repair plan.
  • Call your insurance company: In some cases, the damage caused due to fire may be covered under your commercial insurance policy. Call your agent to find what your next step should be.

As you go through the fire cleanup process, almost every surface of your office will be touched.

Understanding the Damage

Firefighters may have caused some of the damage done to your roof. They often put holes in walls and roofs to increase ventilation. The fact is increasing ventilation helps slow a fire's growth and makes it easier to manage. With the holes in place, dark smoke can leave the building and give the emergency responders a better vision. The holes make it easier to save your property, and no one is left inside the smoldering building.

Quick action is essential when it comes to the fire cleanup process. This is true when making repairs to a roof. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705 today.

The Process of Removing Standing Water From Your Garage

8/5/2021 (Permalink)

A commercial garage in Germantown, Tennessee. A commercial garage in Germantown, Tennessee.

Water damage is a reality that can occur in any business. To remove excess water from your commercial garage in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, water extraction specialists use specialized equipment to rid standing water and debris to prevent mold and additional water damage. This process involves the following steps.

Step 1

Pack and move items in the path of the flood. To prevent further damage to the garage items, they will most likely need to be moved from the premises before extraction can occur. Removing them allows professionals to assess the damage caused and salvage the items if possible.

Step 2

Assess the extent of flooding and choose the appropriate equipment to remove it. Once all that remains is the water in the garage, extraction experts can choose the best way to deal with it. They may decide that installing a submersible sump pump is the best way not only to remove the standing water from your garage but also to help prevent the garage floor from flooding again. Alternatively, they may decide that a truck-mounted trash pump is the best option for extracting the water and removing any accumulated debris.

Step 3

Extract the water. Whatever means they choose to remove the standing water, the technicians deal with the standing water before they can initiate the rest of the drying process. They pump the water out of the garage and dispose of it.

Step 4

Assess further needs. The last step of the extraction process is to decide where to go from there. In the best cases, a few more hours of industrial dryers should finish the process. However, if the standing water has damaged the walls, they will need to be repaired before your garage is open for business again.

Walking into your commercial garage to find standing water might be disheartening, but it is a solvable problem. Trained professionals can choose the right equipment for the job and have your garage up and running again.

Water Damage: How Business Insurance Can Help

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial property owners want to cut costs and improve profits. However, when it comes to insurance, you should rethink that stance. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has found that water damage is among the most common issues businesses face. Without appropriate insurance coverage, the restoration expense is coming out of the owner's pocket or the company's profits. While it is true that business insurance does not cover every type of water issue, it does include many.

1. Leaking

When you have old pipes, it is possible to end up with several leaks. Unfortunately, because of the nature of plumbing, these leaks may go undetected for weeks or even months, leading to water-stained ceilings, crumbling drywall, and even structural damage. Most insurance policies will cover leaky pipes, especially if you have your building regularly inspected.

2. Cracks

Like leaks, cracks can cause the same types of water damage, but they may be on a grander scale. Cracks, or splits, in the pipe can cause more damage because the openings in the pipes are larger. As with leaks, if you can prove that you did not know about the damage early on, then your insurer should be willing to cover it.

3. Freezing

Colder months can wreak havoc on a business, especially those operating out of warehouse facilities and garages. The reason for the issue is that warehouses and garages have pipes exposed to severe temperature fluctuations. If pipes freeze, then the excess pressure can lead to broken pipes. Thankfully, this, too, is covered by a typical business policy. However, you must prove that you try to maintain a steady temperature at your property throughout the year.

4. Breaks

Sudden pipe breaks should be covered. In addition to the pipe repair, the water cleanup will likely be included. Your insurer may require estimates from several emergency remediation specialists in the Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, area, before funding the project. Give SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville a call at (901) 755-3705 to schedule an estimate.

While it is understandable that business owners want to cut costs, insurance is likely not the area to save money. Water damage can account for thousands in restoration costs alone, so business insurance is necessary.

Is Your Commercial Building Ready for Emergencies?

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

ERP - SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville The Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) application can provide commercial properties the preparedness they need.

Emergency Ready Profile by SERVPRO

The need to be prepared for disasters is essential, especially for facility managers and business owners. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is here to help. A disaster can strike at any time for a business. It could be a broken pipe or utility room fire, or maybe an earthquake and flood. Whatever the case, preparedness is key.

The Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) from SERVPRO is a mobile application to help a home or business prepare for a disaster. The application has the function of taking photos of key shutoff locations and adding a description of its location. This information is put into a profile that can then be shared with other staff members.

Download the application or contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

Why Secure a Building After a Fire?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO commercial fire damage icon If you have commercial property damage, call SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville.

A building with fire damage may not seem like a desirable location, but several factors can attract looters, trespassers, or vandals. Here are a few reasons that SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has put together why a building owner or manager should secure the premises after a fire is extinguished.

To Prevent Further Damage

Every person that enters a building with fire damage is likely to make it worse. Several factors may include:

  • Admitting debris
  • Admitting water
  • Grinding soot into surfaces
  • Boarding up holes in doors and windows and using tarps to cover a damaged roof is the best way to prevent these damages.

A building owner may also want to consider installing security fencing until the fire restoration is complete.

To Limit Liability

A property owner may be liable if anyone, including a third party, sustains an injury on the property. Security measures can make it more difficult for trespassers to get into a structure with fire damage and the risk of becoming injured.

To Discourage Looting

Several items in a fire-damaged property may be desirable to looters. Even after damages and destruction, a business may retain elements, such as:

  • Inventory
  • Fixtures
  • Wiring

Looting may still pose a risk regardless of whether building materials, fixtures, or other contents are intact or in need of disposable and replacement. A board-up, combined with security fencing, can help to limit losses and damage caused by trespassing.

Securing a building demonstrates an owner's desire to mitigate damage. Most insurers will seek evidence that mitigation is taking place. Securing a location that has fire damage is one of the best ways to indicate an intention to restore the building for practical use as soon as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705 today!